Please Stop Voting For Me

Last night I had the super-fun opportunity to participate in Life Of Dad‘s first Dad Singing Competition. Through the magic of Facebook Live I got to sing, head to head, with another dad who lives on the west coast. It was such a good time, even though I lost, but now I need you to stop voting for me.

Look, I get it. The communication was not clear on my end. I didn’t let any of my fans know ahead of time that I was doing this. That’s because every week for the past several we were supposed to run this thing, but for whatever reason it kept getting delayed. In fact, even 30 minutes before we went live last night we thought we were going to have to push it another week! I didn’t want to get you all excited about it, and then have it be a bust. So I didn’t mention it.

Of course I posted about it when it DID go live, looking for some votes from you all, but you see I am on the east coast. So this 7 PM event (PST) was actually at 10 PM for me, and all of my friends were asleep. Or ignoring me. Or I have no friends. Or all of the above. Either way, this was a Facebook LIVE competition, with voting in real time. Once it was done, it was done. I came up short, 53% to 47%. Pretty close, actually. I feel good about it.

But then, the east coast started to wake up and see the video. And they started voting. I mean, I did tell them to after all. I can’t blame them. Also, how could I stop them from expressing their love for my awesome singing? Right? Of course right. But the sad thing is, those votes are useless. Thanks for the support and the thought, but the event is complete. I did not win. I totally would have if you all had been awake and online last night, I know. You rock. But the votes don’t count today.

So just relax! Watch the video without having to worry about typing my name in repeatedly! It’s more fun that way. Probably. If you want to check out what happened, you can find the video RIGHT HERE. Re-watch it. It is just as good the second time. Just don’t bother voting. Instead, complain about how I was robbed and demand a rematch. Thanks peeps.

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