Pre-Order My Book and Get a Free Hug

Okay, I’m super excited right now, so I will try to say this calmly:


*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*

Ok, I got that off my chest. Breathe. Breathe. Ok, breathing. Let me say this again, in a more settled and professional way.


There. That was much better. For those of you previously unaware, I am one of the authors that has been selected for inclusion in the sequel to the best selling book “Dads Behaving Dadly.” This book is appropriately titled “Dads Behaving Dadly 2,” and it features dozens of the best dad writers out there. It comes out on June 5th, and you can PRE-ORDER IT! AAAAHHHHHHHH!

So being the nice guy that I am, and wanting to promote my first official piece of published writing, I have decided to make an exclusive offer to you today. Anyone who pre-orders this book will get a free hug from me. Yes, that’s right, absolutely free. You must come and claim your hug in person, or if you would like an over-the-phone hug you can call me and I will make a prolonged humming sound as if I am squeezing you tightly. Virtual hugs are also available, if you would like to skype me and have me hug my computer at you. Unfortunately hugs are not available by mail at this time, but I’m sure one of the three aforementioned options will do the trick for you.

You can purchase the book over at the official book site, or at good old Amazon. Every time one of you buys the book, I get one half of a cent, so it would really mean the world to me if at least a million or two of you purchased it. I know that’s a lot of hugs to give, but I think my arms can take it. I lift a lot of weights. I’d lift one right now, but at the time of this writing they are both sleeping. So get your husband/father the best father’s day gift of all, this book. And the hugs are completely transferable. (great for moms/wives/children/friends/pets too!)

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