Righteous Anger Flow Chart

People seem to be really angry these days, but I don’t think they know why.  Luckily I am here to help.  You see, most anger is born out of fear.  Fear of the unknown, or fear or something you know about yourself, stuff like that.  But we don’t realize this, and we think that all of our anger is righteous anger.  This is why we are so self-righteous all the time.  But honestly, we would be a lot happier if we could sit down and get over our fear induced anger.  For instance, I am angry that the guy in front of me won’t freaking drive, right when the light turns green, but really, I am just afraid that I will be late to work.  And honestly, who wants to be at work?!  Just relax!  Now, there are a few times when you are right to be angry, like when people are committing genocide, or when the soda machine takes your quarter and does not give you a soda, so to help you tell the difference, I have created this handy flow chart.  Just stick in whatever you are angry about, and then decide if the problem is with it, or with you!  Fun! 

So knock yourself out!  Stick in “Gay Marriage” “Monsters in the Closet” or “Immigrants”!  It’s fun and it works with anything!  Happy anger everyone!

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