For Sale: My Childhood – Cheap!

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I opened box after box of things that I had long thought lost. After being in storage for six years (and, let’s face it, in boxes unopened for much longer than that), I was finally sorting through what amounted to basically everything I have ever owned. Instantly transported back to my childhood, I found old school notebooks, programs from shows I had been to, programs from shows I had been in, toys, books, games, music, and more. And it became very clear to me that I could not keep it all. I will keep some of it, other stuff I will give to my kids. But do I really have room in my crowded soul for ten huge bins of the past? I might have room for five…

But I obviously can’t just throw it all away. No, instead I will offer up the best pieces of the collection to you, dear readers. Make me an offer.

  1. My Walkman – Childhood Sale - Walkman
    I have no idea if it still works. The batteries are dead. But it does come in an awesome black pouch with indicators as to where the buttons on the side are. Buttons on the side! Because it is also a radio! Yes, this is an incredible machine. For all of your cassette tape playing needs.
  2. A primitive set of spreadsheets – Childhood Sale - Spreadsheets
    Did I ever mention to you how much of a nerd I am/was? Because when I was a kid, for fun I would make long sets of spreadsheets by hand, in which I would give all of my toys names, jobs, and superpowers, among other things. Someday you can probably sell these to the Tenor Dad museum for a ton of money! Get them now, cheap! What a deal!
  3. A brochure from the old World Trade Center – Childhood Sale - Brochure
    You can’t get this anymore! A true collector’s item worth, oh, probably billions by now! Yours for a dollar!
  4. An invitation to Bez and Verity’s joint birthday party – Childhood Sale - Invitation
    I don’t know if I can put into words how valuable this is. This was the invitation that solidified in my teenage mind that I had social value. It was a party invitation. From a girl. From TWO girls! From two COOL girls! And suddenly my sense of self-worth as an individual skyrocketed and I have never looked back. And this is where it all started, folks. Priceless.
  5. A Duck Tales Sticker Book, only missing one sticker! – Childhood Sale - Duck Tales
    It was hard work collecting those Panini sticker books, wasn’t it? You all had one, right? I had several, but the closest I ever got to finishing one was the Duck Tales album. The only sticker I never found was #210, and it still haunts me to this day. I probably spent around $500,000 on sticker packets looking for the ones I needed, because there was no internet, and no eBay. So I think getting all but one is a pretty good accomplishment, don’t you?
  6. The Teal Book – Childhood Sale - Teal Book
    This was our own hometown version of the Yellow Pages. Trying to remember everyone’s old phone numbers from high school? Well look no further! You have found them!
  7. A Masters of the Universe poster showing what toys you need to still buy – Childhood Sale - He-Man
    Having trouble remembering which He-Man guys you still don’t have yet? Then this poster is for you! Figures on the front side, vehicles on the back! This one has it all!
  8. A hand drawn poster featuring the logos from Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2! – Childhood Sale - Ghostbusters
    This is another future museum piece people, and the crown jewel of the collection. That’s why I saved it for last. I personally drew this very small poster way back in, oh, probably 1989. It may have been 1990. I don’t remember. Either way, it looks like some serious tracing was involved because I suck at drawing. But still, this was from my hand! And it can be yours!

Act now to order any of these amazing items! Supplies are limited (to one of each thing), but there may be other things here that you are interested in. Just pop on over and start going through boxes with me! You can pretty much have whatever you want! Except my math trophies. And my spelling medals. A nerd has to keep some street cred.

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