We Don’t Like What’s Good; We Like What We’re Used To

I was out shopping other day, and I needed some frozen peas for a beef stew recipe I was planning. As I walked past the canned goods aisle and towards the freezers at the back of the store, I remembered how as a kid I would never eat frozen peas. I hated them. But the […]

For Sale: My Childhood – Cheap!

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I opened box after box of things that I had long thought lost. After being in storage for six years (and, let’s face it, in boxes unopened for much longer than that), I was finally sorting through what amounted to basically everything I have ever owned. Instantly transported back […]

I Ain’t Afraid of No Reboot

Yesterday I had an opportunity to preach in church about my favorite movie, and the new reboot of said movie. As is my tradition, here is the transcript of the message: I had been waiting for them to make Ghostbusters 3 since 1989, ever since I walked out of the theater with my father having […]

The State of the World’s Ghostbusters in 2016

Let me be clear right from the start that the original Ghostbusters is my favorite movie of all time. And so when I was angry about the remake (and I was angry about the remake), it had nothing to do with gender, but with the fact that it would be a hard reboot, and not […]

Why Must the Haters So Furiously Hate Together?

I am not a very good judge of quality. I know this. Sometimes it makes my job difficult; sometimes it makes my life difficult. But I have a low bar. I just like things. I am a liker. Even things that are terrible to most are enjoyable to me. Not that there aren’t things I hate; […]

The Joy of Slimer

I have been debating when to introduce Ghostbusters to my son. He is only six, and I didn’t show his sister the movie until she was eight, but he tends not to be scared of movies like she sometimes is. Even better, he will let us know when something is scaring him and ask us […]

Sharing: A Losing Proposition

Even before I had children, I couldn’t wait to become a father. I don’t know if it was a biological imperative, or if I just really loved hanging out with kids, but there was never a question in mind as to whether or not I wanted some of my own. I wanted some. I wanted […]

An Apology to Bill Peebles For Being a Little Too Excited About Star Wars

Bill Peebles, as I’m sure you know, is an award-winning* blogger, thinker, philosopher, and all-around insightful and amazing guy. He writes some great stuff over at ihopeiwinatoaster. If you haven’t read any of his achingly beautiful ramblings on life, parenting, and the joy and despair of growing up, do yourself a favor and check it […]

Infamous Gigs: “Every Christmas Gig Ever” Edition

Ah, Christmas! The time of joy and love. The season of hope and peace. And, for musicians, the season of endless gigs. It is no secret that everyone hates music that was not created by some sort of computerized machine, which is why it is so hard for non-robotic musicians to make a living. But […]