Sausage Gravy

A while back I stole my mother’s recipe box so that I could scan a bunch of recipes and learn to make all the foods I loved as a child.  So obviously the recipe box sat next to my scanner for months until my mother finally complained loudly enough for me to actually get the job done and return it to her.  I got a lot of good stuff, mostly cookies, brownies, and other desserts, but the one I wanted the most was the recipe for my grandmother’s biscuits.

The recipe is ridiculously simple, and I knew that, but they are so good, and so easy to make, and I haven’t had them in forever, and I wanted to do it right.  This was the first recipe I attempted from the pilfered recipe box, and not only did I want to make the biscuits, but I wanted to put them on top of a chicken pot pie, awesome-style.  Now, I had never made either biscuits of any kind, or a chicken pot pie of any kind, so this was crazy of me, but I went for it.  And it was good!

In fact, it was so good, that my wife turned to me afterwards and said, “Now you have to make me biscuits and gravy for breakfast.”  I informed her that I did not know how to make gravy, and I had just barely learned how to make the biscuits, but she was having none of it.  “You can learn,” she said, as if that settled the matter.

So I need to make biscuits and sausage gravy for my wife for breakfast, or else.  Or else what?  Well, that’s not important.  Use your imagination.  So I have the biscuit recipe, and one batch under my belt, but I do not have a recipe for sausage gravy.  Obviously I googled it immediately, but I have no idea which recipes are actually good, and so I have come to you, dear readers.  Anybody out there make a kickin’ sausage gravy?  Feel like sending me the recipe?  Any tips or tricks for doing it right?  I would ask around, but I live in Vermont.  The sausage gravy capitol of the world it is not.  So send me some ideas, or else I will have to trust in google, or even worse, make it up as I go along.

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