As always, the most important question of Nerdstock is what nerdy desserts I am going to bring. It’s always hard to top the year 1 cupcake challenge, or the year 2 dragon, but I do try. There were the zombie cookies, which I liked a lot, but this year I decided to try for a […]

Enjoy Your Bag of Meat

At what point do you just give up? As a parent you fight the important battles, and then you fight them again, and then you check your hit points and realize that you either have to retreat or die. And sometimes you stand on that hill and you die on it. And sometimes you hand […]

We Don’t Like What’s Good; We Like What We’re Used To

I was out shopping other day, and I needed some frozen peas for a beef stew recipe I was planning. As I walked past the canned goods aisle and towards the freezers at the back of the store, I remembered how as a kid I would never eat frozen peas. I hated them. But the […]

42 Things That Taste Better Than Skinny Feels

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, right? Wrong! I am on a quest to lose weight, thanks to some frightening urging by my doctor, some unintentional insulting by my children, and some good-natured competition with my friends. Since I was told I needed to lose some major poundage about a year and a half […]

Star Wars, Background Sex, and Egg Salad

If you have ever seen the movie “Mystery Men,” you know as well as I do that you cannot leave that movie without wanting an egg salad sandwich. Why? Because in one scene, a character gratuitously makes egg salad while the team plans and discusses. There is no reason for them to make egg salad, […]

One Theory on Why Oscars Viewership Was Down

President Garfield said today that the number of viewers for this past weekend’s Academy Awards was down, and that it was because of him. And isn’t everything about him? Besides being orange and mean, President Garfield is very intuitive. He has the best intuits. He is basically a huge tuit-head. But I have another theory. […]

Loaded Ranch Baked Potato Soup

Hello internet! It has come to my attention that people love to “pin” things these days, especially delicious recipes! And so, in a blatant attempt at pandering, I have decided to try my hand at being a food blogger. Food bloggers make a lot of money. They also make a lot of food. I happen […]

The Things We Eat For Love

On Saturday morning, Edward decided to make my wife breakfast in bed. Being six years old, I did not think that he had what it took to make a truly..what’s the word…edible breakfast. But he surprised me. He made eggs for everyone. He got the bowl out, cracked the eggs, fished the pieced of shell out […]

Tenor Dad’s Patented Weight Loss Tips (Patent Pending)

As an expert in the field of personal weight loss (you will be pleased to know that I have lost 15 pounds in the past two months), it has occurred to me that you may also want to reap the benefits of my vast knowledge. Sure, some of it is hard work, but really weight […]

Captain Hindsight’s Tips for International Travel

Hello citizens! Captain Hindsight here. Recently, the missus and I took the little hindsights on a trip across the border to Canada. Using my unique super powers, I now know many important travel tips that have come to me after the fact. And because I am a do-gooder, I will now share this important information […]