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So here I am, down in Florida, and at first I was kind of upset about not having a car and not having any internet.  I was kind of bored and a little miserable.  Pretty much my life revolves around being in the car, being on the internet, and being with my family, all of which I have no access to for the month of January.

But then something weird happened.  Sitting here in this house alone with nothing to do, I read a book.  Then I wrote a song (thank goodness they have a piano!).  I got back to working on the opera I am writing, and I made a lot of progress!  I feel great!  I am getting so much done!

But every time I have internet access again, even for a few moments, all productivity ceases, and I go back to being a lazy lump on facebook, or some other addictive but mostly useless site.  Now, I now this may be stating the obvious, and we all know on some level that playing on the internet all day is kind of a waste of time, but seriously, it’s incredible what you can get done with just a few hours of no available distractions.

Now I know that many of you have jobs, so you can’t stop playing on the internet because then you might have to do work, but if you are sitting around at home right now, stop reading this blog and go do something else.  Being productive is kind of awesome.  Try it out.

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