The Health Talk

Ruby has been dreading this day for weeks. She was so excited to learn that it would be happening on a Wednesday, when she would be at Forest School, but then very upset to learn that it would happen on one of those magical few Wednesdays between the fall and spring Forest School sessions. Yes, today she, along with the rest of her 4th Grade class, will be hearing “the health talk.”

You know the one. You had it. I had it. You get to sit in a room with all of your friends, enemies, frenemies, and acquaintances, and talk about everyone’s favorite subject: puberty. Did I mention that everyone you know will be there? Good times.

Now, we’ve had our own version of “the health talk” at home with her. Many times, actually. She has books on the subject. She has her embarrassing parents to talk to about it. So why is it such a big deal to hear about it again?

Her best friend told her that she was going to rub germs into her eyes to attain sickness and thus be able to stay home today. I am anxious to hear about whether or not that plan worked. Ruby has told me at various times that she herself was going to run away, skip school, or also feign sickness to avoid the talk. But nonetheless, this morning she was off to school like any other day. I assume. I mean, I didn’t see her enter the building. The school would call if she never went in, right?

I can only assume she has had, or is having, the talk. Another rite of passage gone. I hope it went well. I hope no one was traumatized. I hope the school was able to talk about this exciting subject in a comfortable and destigmatizing way. Or maybe, quite probably, like the rest of us, she is scarred for life. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

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