The Top 5 Flavors in the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine

Dear readers, I live in a place called Vermont.  It is frozen and cold, and it does not like chain stores and restaurants.  We are the only state without a Target, and have the only state capital (Montpelier) without a McDonalds.  They keep trying to add new things, but people fight it.  We got a Panera on Church Street a little while back and folks are still mad about it.  We like local businesses.

Now, I also love local businesses, and hate Panera for taking that awesome steak salad off the menu 7 years ago, but having spent the last 15 years of my life in a major metropolitan area, I am used to some things that I just can’t get up here.  I can’t tell you how hard I danced the dance of joy when they put in a Chipotle and a 5 Guys last year.  This is all just to say that I KNOW that the Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink Machines have been around for two years, but we only got them in Vermont a few weeks ago.

These machines are the Coke of the future.  With a big touch screen allowing over one hundred flavor drink combinations, it is the personal heaven of technophile Coke addicts.  You know, like me.  So I have made a few trips to this new machine in my town (Moe’s has the only two in the state), and I wanted to report to you on what the best flavors are, so you can make your own pilgrimage.

#5 – Strawberry Minute Maid
Of course this makes sense.  Strawberry Lemonade is a classic combination.  The strawberry flavor doesn’t work in all of the drinks; it can get a little sweet.  It works in the Minute Maid though.

#4 – Cherry Vanilla Coke
Cherry Coke is so good that they bottle it.  Vanilla Coke is so good that they bottle it.  Cherry Vanilla Coke ought to be bottled too.  They do it for Dr. Pepper (Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper is da bomb, yo!), but the only place to taste this delectable Coke combination is from the machine of the future.

#3 – Grape Sprite
I have heard good things about the Peach Sprite as well, but the grape really does it for me.  The grape is very sweet, but the citrus cuts it a bit, making an awesome drink that I never would have expected.  I wish they would start bottling this!

#2 – Vanilla Barq’s
Root Beer with vanilla: does it get any better?  This tastes like a root beer float!  It is as if the vanilla ice cream has melted down into the root beer and been all swirled together.  In short, a revelation.  If you are looking for a root beer/cream soda hybrid, this is the drink for you!

#1 – Raspberry Coke
Out of all the beverages I have tried from the machine, this is the one I keep coming back to.  Why does it work?  I don’t know.  The Orange Coke and the Lime Coke don’t work like this does.  I think I even prefer it to the Cherry Coke.  I do like raspberry flavored sweets in general, so perhaps I am biased, but to me this drink is the reason for the machine’s existence.

Have any of you tried the machine?  If you do not live in Vermont, perhaps you have.  What flavors do you like?  Do you hate them all?  And if you are my brother, famous for drinking “graveyards” (mixing all the soda fountain flavors together in one cup), does this mean you have to try and get over 100 flavors into your drink now?  And if so, will you immediately die?  Sound off in the comments!

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  1. I haven’t tried mixing more flavors than one in a drink. You’ve given me some great ideas for the next time I go to the civilized world. I mean Glens Falls.

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