You Are What You Drink – I Used to Be Somebody

It has now been almost one month and I have not had any Coca-Cola or any other caffeinated sodas. The headaches and muscle pain went away after Day 6, and were replaced with a general feeling that the world was just a little sadder and darker than before. I feel as though a fog has […]

Yesterday I Had No Cokes; My Latest Mental Disorder

You know about the ADHD. You know about the OCD. Now, as it turns out, I have a new mental disorder: Caffeine Withdrawal. Yeah, apparently it is now classified as a mental disorder. So I have that going for me. You know about the Coke. As much as I love Coca-Cola, I have begun to […]

Giving Up in the Face of Adversity

I’m not doing it this time. I’m not going to be beaten by myself. It would be very easy, of course. In the past, oh so many times, I have set goals for myself that I have abandoned at the first sign of trouble. You might say that it is my pattern to establish new […]

What She Saw in the Rocks

Edward is at camp this week, which means that Ruby and I get to spend our days hanging out and having fun adventures. It’s a great thing to get some one-on-one time with her, since that is so rare these days. Edward and I get a lot of time together, but there don’t seem to […]

Why I Stopped Saying I Was Fat

If the scientists of the world came together in the lab and worked for years to create a kind of sponge-mirror, both perfectly absorbing and reflective, they would, at the end of it all, have wasted their time, because it would have been far quicker to just have a child. Any parent will tell you […]

Late Night Labor Day Coca Cola OCD Emergency

Ah, Labor Day weekend.  Time for friends and family.  Time for relaxing and enjoying some down time.  Unless you are crazy, in which case it is time to do something stupid for a dumb reason.  Guess which category I fall into? There I am, Friday night of a long weekend, and I realize that it […]

Things That Give Me a Migraine

I get migraines.  And yes, all you migraine-doubters out there, they are real migraines.  I can’t tell you how many times I have mentioned a migraine to someone who also gets them, only to be met with “Well, it probably wasn’t a real migraine.  It was probably just a bad headache.”  Well, thanks for the […]

A Quick Chat With the Beer Delivery Guy

The blue bin was full, so once again it was time to head to the redemption center to exchange our empty Coke containers for cash.  We used to go to the grocery store for this, because Edward loved the machines they have there, but those things take forever.  The guy at the redemption center can […]

When the Wife’s Away…

Yesterday afternoon, my wife left town for a conference.  She will be gone for exactly a day and a half.  She’ll be back late this evening, but last night I had the house to myself.  This meant that I got to chill out and relax (or “chillax,” as the weirdos say) in true bachelor style […]

A Sad Story That My Wife Finds Funny

So I was on my way to my brother-in-law’s house to watch the Super Bowl, and I asked him if he needed any snacks.  He told me that he was good with the snackage, and had plenty of beer, but was light on the soda.  Since you all know that I do not drink beer, […]