Things I Need to Remember (But Often Forget)

After a new haircut, I only need half the amount of shampoo I needed the shower before.

Songs in your car don’t sound as good out of your car, no matter how much you want the rest of the world to hear them.  Your stereo is just not set up for that.

Tailgating doesn’t cause people in front of you to drive faster.  That’s what yelling and honking is for.

The ability to text someone that you are going to be late does not excuse the lateness.

Spending a little bit of money a lot of times is the same as buying one really expensive thing.

Where my keys are.

When scheduling your day, you must account for transitions.

A cookie is not a good breakfast.

Going to bed early will increase the amount of sleep that I get.

Practice makes permanent.

Don’t look at the length of the checkout line; look at the speed of the cashier.

It is more important to live your beliefs than to share them.

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