This Just In: New York City Full of Jerks

My auditions are over for the season.  I sang my last one this morning.  But last night, before my audition, I took Simone into the city to see the Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.  It has been on her list of things to do for years, so I took her as an early Christmas present.  Unfortunately, we were sitting in the jerk section.

For starters, I’m pretty sure that every single person with tickets for seats in front of us came in at least ten minutes late.  So we spent the first three or four numbers darting our heads back and forth and craning our necks to see the show through and around our fellow theater goers.  Now look, these tickets were not cheap.  Do you not care that you just missed 20-25% of the show you paid a ton of money to see?  I mean, ok, I get that sometimes people are late, trains are delayed, traffic, etc.  But everybody?  I am not kidding when I say there was a constant stream of people being seated for about the first twenty minutes of the show.

And don’t think that once they were seated, they stayed seated.  Oh no, then it was time to stand up and slowly remove their coats, use the restroom, get snacks, and text their friends about how awesome it was to be bothering perfectly nice couples on their holiday dates.  Of all the times to have forgotten my slingshot.

But by far the worst of them all, was the family seated directly behind us.  Now, as a parent, I can sympathize and even assign cuteness to the fact that your three year old is excited about the show.  We have taken Ruby to movies and shows, and she understands the importance of being quiet.  Sure, she gets excited and asks where Rapunzel is sometimes, but we answer her question quietly, remind her to be quiet, and if she continues to be loud, we take her out of the theater.  I guess that is not standard parenting.

The girl behind us first started screaming “SANTA SANTA SANTA!” when Santa arrived.  Ok, that was cute.  Then she started yelling “Hi Santa!”  That was cute for about 20 seconds.  But it did not stop.  I turned around and gave them a look, and the mother did tell her to be quiet, but it never stopped.  That girl yelled at the stage for the whole show.  I gave them so many looks my looker hurt, but to no avail.  It’s very hard to enjoy anything, much less a stage show, with a three year old shrieking in your ears.

In the end, we had a good time.  It was a fun show, there were a lot of legs kicking all over the place, and Simone got to cross something off of her list of life, but really people, can’t you stop being jerks for just a few short minutes?  No?  Ok, fair enough.

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  1. That was our experience at RCMH last December, too – steady stream of people coming and going. Not like the opera….

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