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So as I mentioned the other day, my laptop is dead.  This is not really acceptable, as it contains a lot of data that is not otherwise backed up.  Luckily, the problem is not with the hard drive, and it seems that the hard drive data is fine.  I should be able to get it back.  My problem is that I probably know about 70% as much as I should in order to do this.

First I ordered a cable online that should connect my Serial ATA hard drive to my desktop via USB.  Yeah, that only made about 70% sense to me too.  The cable came in the mail today and I got my hard drive out and it was quickly evident that these items were not compatible.  The box said it was compatible with a 2.5″ Serial ATA hard drive.  My hard drive SAID it was a 2.5″ Serial ATA hard drive.  Why didn’t it work.

Aha!  Turns out I have a 2.5″ Serial ATA RIGHT ANGLE hard drive.  So I went down to Best Buy and got an enclosure kit that the guy there said would work.  But he lied.  Once again, it is not compatible with the right-angledness of my stupid hard drive.

So I went online and searched and searched and searched.  Nothing.  What is going on!?  I KNOW if I took it to Best Buy and gave them $400 they could get my data off.  I know such tools exist.  Are they a secret?  Am I not geeky enough to be on the squad?  Do I need the secret handshake?  Best Buy does sell a right angle cable, but only for the info part of the drive, not the 15 pin power source, and I need both.  Walmart (of all places) does seem to have the cable I need and if I rush order it it can be picked up by me in the store on Tuesday.  But I will be in New York on Tuesday.

This whole stupid brouhaha has really made me think about how much I depended on my laptop and the files it is currently hiding from me.  It’s like a big piece of my life is gone.  My mp3s and photos are backed up, because before “the crash” they were what I viewed as most important.  And they are, and thank goodness I have them.  But, my videos are not backed up.  Ruby as a baby, trips we took, as well as picture I had transferred from my phone, all gone.  All the music I had ever arranged or written, scanned music and arias, games I was in the middle of, and all sorts of other files are now beyond my reach.  Even on a slightly smaller scale, all the passwords to websites I had saved and now cannot remember.  I feel cut off from half of my life.  And that’s sad.  I don’t want to depend on my computer that much.  But even more sad, mostly, I just want it back.

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