Uncle Bear’s Big Birthday Beg

Today is Uncle Bear’s birthday. We got him 3 years ago today, which we know because of his birth certificate. His birth certificate is a receipt. Uncle Bear was added to the family because Edward was always trying to steal Daddy Bear away from Ruby. Our strategy mostly worked, and now both children have their own identical bears, which means that both bears have birthdays.

I made the mistake of telling Edward that today is Uncle Bear’s birthday (somehow it got into my Google Calendar as a recurring yearly event), and now I have some work to do. I need to bake a cake. I need to give Uncle Bear whatever he wants. And Uncle Bear wants a lot of things. Edward, who is acting as an intermediary between Uncle Bear and myself, has given me the very large list of requested items that are going to require a trip to the toy store. It’s not a birthday without presents, after all. I do think it a bit odd that Uncle Bear’s birthday list is so similar to Edward’s wish list, but that is certainly just a coincidence.

“Daddy! Uncle Bear told me what he wants for his BIRTHday!”

“Oh yeah? What does he want?”

“He wants a new grabber, and Spider-Man vehicles, and Rescue Bots.”

“Okay, well I don’t know if Uncle Bear is going to get all the things on his…”

“And he wants a lightsaber and a garbage truck and a helicopter that flies and a truck that drives with two seats and…”

Uncle Bear wants a lot of things. Now we have to go to the store. I miss the days when bears just wanted honey.

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