Where, Oh Where Can I Find Some More Hair?

Where, oh where can I find some more hair?
Mine seems to have gone on vacation.
Although it’s a bummer it’s nice in the summer,
When my head could use the aeration.
Don’t know where it went, because I haven’t spent
Too much time wearing tight fitting hats.
I’m not too stressed out, I don’t yank it about,
So answer me, what’s up with that?
And though some has thinned out it’s beginning to sprout
In new places, some itchy, some tickly,
Like noses and earses and backs.  Now I fear this is
Starting to go downhill quickly!
I know I’m not old (or so I’ve been told)
And I’ve many more good years ahead.
But I think I’d look forward a little bit more with
A little more hair on my head.
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