You Dropped Your Can!

Edward and I were eating lunch outside of Five Guys with the puppy, when a large pickup truck drove by with the tailgate open.  The truck slammed into the curb as it cut the corner, causing a terrifying noise to frighten the puppy, and also causing a lone can to fly out of the bed of the truck and into the parking lot.  The can rolled slowly around as the truck parked in the closest space and shuddered to a stop.

The door of the truck opened and a tall, lanky, sunburned man with long stringy hair and a tanktop stepped onto the pavement looking like he did not give a flying squirrel about anything.  He strode toward us, his stubbly face looking like he didn’t want to be bothered by anyone, which is exactly the moment that Edward took off running toward him before I could blink.

“Hey mister!” shouted my son as loudly as possible.  “You dropped your can!”

The man stopped, looked back at the can that was still rolling slowly down the parking lot, and then he ran back and picked it up.  Then he headed back our way, smiled a big partially-toothed smile, and said “Thanks, little guy!  That tailgate is always coming open on me!”

And that was that.  So watch out litterbugs!  Edward is on the case!  And he does not give a flying squirrel what you look like.  Keep your trash to yourself.

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