All We Do Is Watch This Video Now

Sorry, other things we were supposed to be doing.  Goodbye, playing outside.  So long, reading, coloring, and toys.  Forget about it, television and video games.  Dinner?  I don’t think so.  Friends?  Family?  Things of the past.  We just don’t have time for that anymore.  We have discovered the fox video.

It has taken a very long time.   Much longer than it should have, I suppose, but we finally have something to replace Gangnam Style as the favorite ridiculous viral video dance sensation in our house.  I’m not sure how many times we have seen The Fox since discovering it on Saturday night, but it had 7 million views when we first watched it, and now it has almost 11 million.  And I don’t think anyone else has watched it since then but us, so you do the math.

Really, it is the perfect storm of videos.  High production value, but also as cheesy as possible.  A catchy, danceable tune that is totally kid-friendly, and a weird Norwegian accent to entertain the adults.  Crazy dance moves, hilarious surprises, and some sort of kinky animal themed party.  This video has it all.  And boy do we love it.

Our neighbor, who tricked us into watching it in the first place, rides around in front of our house singing it all day, and then he and I do all of the dance moves to impress our other neighbors.  He is only in sixth grade though, so I clearly have the experience advantage in the odd dance department.

Anyway, I’d like to write more about it, except that my children want me to stop typing so that they can watch the video again on my laptop.  Here, I’ll just embed the video at the bottom so we can watch it while I type.  I’ll finish this post after I just watch it myself a few more times.  Be right back…

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  1. Funny story…I know we’re only friends online, but I found this video the other day and totally thought of you! Maybe we should do it in our as-yet-only-theoretical a cappella group…!

  2. Thank you. We did not know about this video. And thankfully we did not watch with the children. We are now, however, crying laughing reading the Wikipedia ylvis out loud. Thank you again.

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