Unselfishly, I Don’t Want to Die

The average life expectancy for an American male is 76. That means 38 is the halfway point, statistically speaking. I am 39. Is this the first year of the rest of my life? Maybe. My family tends to live longer, so hopefully I get a bit more, but you never know. I could go tomorrow. […]

Things That Are Morally Wrong (Unless It’s To Your Children)

This is something I’ve written about before, sort of, in smaller ways, but after reading a post about bribing your kids from my friend over at All Good in the Fatherhood, I started to paint myself a bigger picture. Why are there so many things that people will do to children that they would never do […]

The Striking Similarities Between Malala Yousafzai and Harry Potter

Ruby was at her tenth birthday party, discussing the merits of favorite books with her two best friends, when I overheard this mind-blowing conversation.   Girl 1: Harry Potter is the best series of all time. No book is better than Harry Potter. Girl 2: I am Malala is better. Girl 1: That’s crazy, Harry […]

Burdened With the Oppressive Weight of Me

“I wonder where they get that from.” My wife has said this to more times than I can count. And her message is clear and correct. The older my children get, the more of my flaws I see starting to sprout in them. It’s horrifying. How do we get my daughter to be less rigid? This […]

Rationing Out the Wolves

You live in an isolated area close to a forest. You have almost everything you need right where you are, but from time to time you need to travel to the village, which is on the other side of the woods. There are wolves in the woods.  It’s okay though, you know about the wolves, […]

Who Wants to Be a Part of a New PBS Kids Show?!

A moment of bloggy privilege if you will. Remember Mr. Chris? I told you about his album a while back, and how good it is. I got to hang out with the Okee Dokee Brothers at his farm because he is committed to bringing quality children’s music to Vermont. I also worked with him cooking […]

What I Will and Will Not Assume About You

When I see you walking down the street there are some baseline assumptions that I am going to make about you based on my own experiences and what I have heard from others currently involved in the grand experiment called the human condition. I will assume that you do not enjoy pain. Therefore, I will […]

Strike While the Inspiration is Hot

I had a really great post for today. A cute story about my son! Wouldn’t that have been wonderful, after all of those ranty posts about the state of the world? I was totally going to get back to what this site is supposed to be about! I had the idea all ready to write, […]

Stop Putting Your Children First All the Time – It’s Selfish

Do you remember being a kid and having something happen to you that was totally and completely unfair, and then vowing to make sure that you never  did the same thing to your own children someday? I sure remember moments like that, and they have led to some of the worst parenting decisions I have ever made. […]

What My Kids Did When I Told Them We Were Moving

Did I mention that we were moving? No, I didn’t, because it was not public knowledge until quite recently. But now that it has been announced in the church’s annual report and I have had several congregation members ask me about it, I feel safe to finally announce that next month we will be leaving […]