And Away We Go at Dad 2.0!

Yesterday morning I woke up at 3:30, not because a child was jumping on my face or kicking me in the kidney, but because I needed to get to the airport. Thanks to an early morning transport by fast friend Dark Murmurs I made my 5:20 flight in plenty of time. Thanks to the laws of aerodynamics, I could take a 5:20 flight and arrive in D.C. by 6:45, or I could take a 7 AM flight and arrive in D.C. sometime after 4 PM. I couldn’t be late, so the 5:20 it was! There was no way I was going to miss a second of the Dad 2.0 conference.

The Dad 2.0 conference is where Dad bloggers such as myself meet up to make connections, learn a little bit about blogging, and hang out with cool sponsors. For instance I arrived in D.C. and went straight out to the middle of a farm in Virginia and flew some sweet 3RD drones thanks to Best Buy. Once I get home and get all of my footage sorted out, I will certainly be expanding more on this topic next week. And then I got back to the conference hotel and picked up my bag of swag from Dove Men + Care, which I have already dug into and started using.

After the official stuff was over, the real work began; the work of community and relationships. I found some fellow dads and we just went walking. We found the White House, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial, which are all things I have seen dozens of times, having lived in the area for 15 years, but I had never seen them with these guys. I chatted about impending teenagerhood with Idaho Dad, joked about Canada with Dad Camp, jogged a little too quickly with Dad on the Mic, and pretended I was Rocky with Souvenirs of Fatherhood. And yes, these people all have real names too, but it was great to put humans with all of the great blogs I have been reading. And also, some of their names are closely guarded secrets.

Today I will be very, very busy, but I will give you a full report when it is all over, and I’m sure I will be tweeting and instagramming periodically throughout, so if you want to keep tabs on me, that would be the way to do it. And thanks for all of your support, dear readers, because without you I wouldn’t be here.

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