Bear’s Tips Four Coming Out of Hibernation

Hello. This is Bear. Now it is spring. That means that all bears and peoples half to wake up and start doing things again. I like doing things. Sleeping is a thing. I like sleeping. I don’t rally hibernate, because I am not that kind of bear, but if you hibernate, I will give you sum good ideas for when you wake up.

1) Don’t do anything. If you half bin sleeping all winter, then you are probably still tired. You need to just lye there and relax for a lot of minutes. Take yore time. What’s the rush? Spring is not going anywhere. No scents in wearing yourself out write away.

2) Get a fur cut. When id was cold, you needed extra fur to be warm, but now you will bee too hot. I always get a fur cut in the spring. Also you will not smell as bad. Stuff gets stuck in yore fur, you know. No body likes a smelly bear.

3) Eat bear food. You got very fat, witch you know, but then you hibernated and lost sum of yore fats. Now you need too get them back. You need too eat bear food. Also, please send me sum bear food right away. I am very hungry for bear food. Bear food is my favorite. Make sure you get enough too eat, and if you half any left over, you can send it too me. Did I mention I like bear food?

4) Sunglasses. You need sunglasses. Yore eyes half bin closed for like months. They will not like the son to shine in them. They will blink and blink. You will bee sad. Get sunglasses. I am only wearing normal bear glasses in my picture, but that is because I am being yore teacher today. Normally I where sunglasses.

5) Steal people’s blogs. After you half bin asleep for a long time, you will not get too talk too yore friends and family very much, and they will miss you. They will want to here from you. They will bee so sad they can hardly bear it. Ha ha. Get it? Bear it? I am funny. So you half to send them a message. If you half a bear phone, you could call them on it, but that wood take too long. You might half a lot of friends. The best way too talk too them all is to right a message on yore blog. But if you do not half a blog, you can borrow one. And don’t worry if you can’t right very good. Blogs have spellcheckers that fix all of yore miss steaks.

Income collusion, I wood just like too say that yesterday was very hot, so you better wake up now and do the stuff I said about doing. Especially number three. Reed number three very carefully. Thank you, and half a good spring!

Love, Bear

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