50 Things Only 10-sies Kids Can Understand

Signs that you were raised in the greatest generation, with a childhood from 2010-2019! Suck it, children of the 20’s! 1) That Sofia the First  had the best theme song of all time (sorry, Doc McStuffins)! 2) Frozen is the greatest movie in the history of cinema. 3) Marvel only came out with two or three movies a […]

How to Keep Yourself From Texting While Driving

I know it’s hard.  Those red lights are so long, and you really need to tell that person something.  And isn’t that why you got a smartphone anyway?  So you could communicate on the go?  And don’t you want to see if anyone liked your status update?  And you’re not really doing anything, right?  You’re just […]

A Literal Wild Goose Chase or The Killington Hay Festival

We are an adventurous family.  When we hear of some event or festival, we go to it.  If there is something crazy to do, we are totally on board.  New experiences are our bread and butter, so when we heard about the Killington Hay Festival, there was pretty much no chance that we were not […]

Angry Black Bird

So here I am, in the midst of rehearsals again and, as usual, there is a lot of down time.  It’s unavoidable.  The director will be working with another singer on something, and I will be sitting around doing nothing for ten or fifteen minutes.  Well, not nothing.  There is one thing I can do […]

How Angry Birds Ruined My Blog

I was going to write a blog for today. I swear, I was! But then I accidentally downloaded Angry Birds on my iPhone. That was probably 36 hours ago, and I have probably spent 35 hours playing that stupid game. So I did not write an interesting blog. I also did not do anything else […]