How to Keep Yourself From Texting While Driving

I know it’s hard.  Those red lights are so long, and you really need to tell that person something.  And isn’t that why you got a smartphone anyway?  So you could communicate on the go?  And don’t you want to see if anyone liked your status update?  And you’re not really doing anything, right?  You’re just checking it…

Wrong!  You should not be using your phone in the car!  Stop doing it!  But it is too hard!  You have no self control!  And everyone else is doing it!  Well then, I have the solution for you.  A simple two-step program that totally worked for me, and I will reveal the secret to you right now.  I guarantee that if you follow these steps, texting and driving will be a thing of the past.

1) Install Angry Birds on your phone.

2) Have children.

It’s just that easy folks!  This method also prevents talking on the phone, checking the Internet on your phone, or ever actually using your phone again, whether you are driving or not!  So good luck, and safe travels!

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