Was Spanking His Son King Solomon’s Greatest Mistake?

I am going to confess something to you right now. I have spanked my children. It has almost always been when I am severely angry with them, and I have always felt terrible about it afterward. I am trying extremely hard not to lay a hand on my child in anger, or even as a […]

Thou Shalt Not Break

Despite some opinions to the contrary by the doggedly non-religious, the ten commandments are actually still a pretty good set of rules to live life by. I like to think they would be my innately known moral rules, regardless of religious upbringing. Stripped of Judeo-Christian trappings, they boil down to these simple life guidelines: 1. […]

The Bible Is Not Against Gay Marriage, and Here’s Proof

Hi everyone! I’ve apparently decided that I no longer want anyone to like me, so here come all of my thoughts and opinions, as a Christian, on why I changed my Facebook profile picture to a rainbow the other day. I’m sure to anger non-Christians, who don’t believe that a millennia-old book should be dictating […]

How To Fit In Socially With the Other Teenagers

I was having Easter dinner yesterday with my good friend Rumple Station and her two children, and the conversation turned to the social lives of today’s youth. Apparently there is sometimes harsh judgement between peers at this age, and it can be hard to navigate this societal quagmire in a healthy way. You need to […]

The Story of the Midnight Dragon with the Backward Head

I promised to tell you this story a while ago, and since it is still Mother’s Day week, this seems like as good a time as any to tell you the tale of how my mother came to the rescue of her poor son, and the midnight dragon with the backward head. It all started […]

Jesus Went Viral

As some of you may know, in addition to my regularly scheduled duties as minister of music at my church, this past Sunday I was also in charge of the message.  Supposedly we are going to start live streaming and/or podcasting these things, but since that has not happened, and many people have asked for […]

Haiku Parables

Well, my Limerick Parables were a big hit it seems, so since I am bored today, I thought I would translate them into haiku form, for those of you who think limericks are too bawdy and gauche.  Here are much classier (and, thankfully, shorter) versions of the wisdom of Jesus. 1) Guy gets beaten up    […]