Haiku Parables

Well, my Limerick Parables were a big hit it seems, so since I am bored today, I thought I would translate them into haiku form, for those of you who think limericks are too bawdy and gauche.  Here are much classier (and, thankfully, shorter) versions of the wisdom of Jesus.

1) Guy gets beaten up
    No one wants to help.  But wait!
    Good Samaritan.

2) Sleeping with the pigs
    Maybe Dad will hire me…
    Whoa!  Surprise Party!

3) Ninety-seven sheep
    Ninety-eight, ninety-nine… Hey!
    Where’s Sir Fluffs-A-Lot?

4) Warm autumn evening
    Harvest banquet.  No one came.
    Time to get new friends.

5) Big expensive pearl
    Wait, you sold your house for it?
    Can’t live in a pearl….

6) Garden full of seeds
    Enemy plants lots of weeds.
    That guy is a jerk.

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