Beauty and the Beast is Just the Latest Disney Movie Christians Should Boycott

I don’t know if you have heard the news, but the new live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is featuring a gay character. Of course Christians around the country are planning to boycott, with one theater already reportedly refusing to show the film. Because it’s not just that the movie features a “sin,” but it glorifies it, makes it acceptable, does not provide comeuppance for this direct disobedience to the teachings of certain churches. How can we allow our children to see a movie that tells them it is okay to go against the church?

If you are in agreement with that statement, then you will be relieved to know that I have saved you the trouble of pre-screening the other animated Disney films so that you can protect your children from them. Here are the movies that you should be horrified by.

The Little Mermaid – Ariel is a teenage girl who does not honor her father and her mother. She defies her father’s direct orders, repeatedly, and is well rewarded for it in the end. She gives up her tail for legs! What is this movie trying to say?! That girls ought to have more say over what happens to their bodies than their fathers?! And suddenly at the end he gives her his blessing and she gets to do what she wants anyway? Terrible message for kids. Sad!

Aladdin – Thou shalt not steal? Ha! Not in this movie! He sings  a whole song about stealing! And no one thinks twice! Sure, they try to teach a lesson about the dangers of bearing false witness, but can you in good conscience let your children grow up thinking that stealing bread if you are starving is acceptable? Man does not live on bread alone, and a sin is a sin.

Cinderella – Speaking of bearing false witness, that is pretty much the whole plot of this terrible movie about a girl who creates a new identity, spends all of her time lying to everyone, and then winds up living happily ever after because of it! Is identity theft romantic to you? Then maybe you should watch Mulan too while you’re at it, and just teach your kids to lie about who they are.

Hercules – Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Huh. This movie is full to the brim of other gods! If you aren’t letting your kids read Harry Potter, but you are letting them watch Hercules, you need to sort out your priorities! Maybe you should Accio Bible and double check those commandments again.

The Jungle Book – Remember when Jesus said to love your neighbor? I guess that doesn’t apply to the jungle. Mowgli is constantly being warned against his neighbors, whether it is the snake who is trying to eat him, the apes who are kidnapping him, or the tiger that is planning his death. I did not see much love between them. Have we forgotten to love our enemies? Maybe we have. And maybe it is because we grew up with sinful movies like this one.

Alice in Wonderland – Leviticus 11:12 specifically warns us against eating anything in the water without fins or scales, and yet the Walrus and Carpenter consume large quantities of oysters in this movie! Blasphemy! Sure, the Carpenter chases the Walrus away, but this is because he ate too much, not because he was eating the oysters. Truth be told, the Carpenter was hoping to eat the oysters as well. Avoid this movie if you care about Leviticus. And if you are boycotting Beauty and the Beast, you care about Leviticus.

Toy Story 2 – You want some light adultery? Check out Mr. Potato Head’s attitude toward Barbie when Mrs. Potato Head is not around. Sure he protests that he is “a married spud,” but then he spends the rest of the scene making eyes at a woman who is not his wife. Oh, and he never gets called out on this. Great message for the kids.

Wreck-It Ralph – Guess what Ralph spends the entire movie doing? That’s right, coveting. He wants a medal like his friend has. And he almost destroys everyone and everything around him to get it. And then? He gets it, and is happy. So go ahead and covet kids, what your friends have will make you happier!

Mickey and the Beanstalk – Yeah, you thought it would be hard to find a straight up murder in a Disney cartoon, didn’t you? Well, I found one. Go ahead and watch our heroes kill the villain at the end. Take that, ten commandments!

Honestly, it’s hard to find a kids movie that doesn’t glorify sin in some way. So if you feel that you can’t watch the new Disney film because it lets one of its minor characters get away with a specific sin, I’d pretty much just stay away from movies altogether. Rapunzel hits people with frying pans, Scrooge McDuck does not sell all of his possessions. Simba is a companion to fools, and yet does not suffer for it! Take my advice: don’t leave the house, disconnect your internet, and live out your life safe from these bad influences.

Or, if you want to know why being a gay actually isn’t a sin in the first place, check out the biblical logic over in this other post. And then enjoy a movie or two. Maybe even talk to your kids about what you’ve seen together. Who knows? You might all learn something!

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