Who Wants to Be a Part of a New PBS Kids Show?!

A moment of bloggy privilege if you will. Remember Mr. Chris? I told you about his album a while back, and how good it is. I got to hang out with the Okee Dokee Brothers at his farm because he is committed to bringing quality children’s music to Vermont. I also worked with him cooking burgers for a while, but that is slightly irrelevant at the moment.

The exciting news is that he is producing a pilot with Vermont PBS for a locally produced kids’ show based on his Music For Sprouts program. Or at least he is trying to. I know Mr. Chris, and everything he does is of the highest quality, imbued with a gentle love and a twinkling soul. If you have heard his album or seen one of his concerts, you know this already. And now he is looking for some help getting the show off of the ground.

You see, those producers don’t know him like we do. They want to see a pilot before this thing gets off the ground, and making pilots is expensive. I try not to shill for too many people around here, because I get it. I don’t like it either. But this is going to be amazing. I promise you. There is a Kickstarter page RIGHT HERE at which you can contribute to this undertaking, get some nice rewards, and truly become a part of a show that could really take off. Wouldn’t it be nice to say you were there at the beginning?

Do me a favor and at least check out the site. Share it around if you can. And if it looks cool to you too, throw a little financial support their way. I know they’d really appreciate it, and I honestly can’t wait to see the finished product. Help me help him make sure that it happens. Thanks.

And in case you forgot where the link is: HERE IT IS AGAIN!

Awesome. You guys rock.

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