Strike While the Inspiration is Hot

I had a really great post for today. A cute story about my son! Wouldn’t that have been wonderful, after all of those ranty posts about the state of the world? I was totally going to get back to what this site is supposed to be about! I had the idea all ready to write, and then I got really tired. I looked at my watch and, while I totally had time to write it, I said “forget it, I’ll write it in the morning.” And then I didn’t.

Do you know why I didn’t write a cute story about my lovable son for you this morning? Because I was upset with him. I didn’t love him any less, the story wasn’t any less cute, you probably would have enjoyed it either way, but I just wasn’t feeling it. The moment had passed, and instead of the warm, fuzzy feelings I was having last night, I was late for camp with children who refused to eat breakfast, put shoes on, or walk to the car any faster than a dead sloth. THERE WILL BE NO MORE CUTE POSTS ABOUT YOU! YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!

That’s what parenting is. It is love and cuddles, followed by disobedience and resistance. It is wishing they could be this age forever, followed by wondering why they won’t grow the hell up. Parenting is a freaking roller-coaster ride of feels. That’s why, when the inspiration hits you, you must strike!

And it is not just blog-writing. When your kids come up to you and actually feel like playing a game, or doing a project, don’t think that you can put them off and do it in an hour. Those kids might never feel like doing that project again. If I am writing a song, or working on an arrangement, I know from experience that when an idea hits, I have to stop whatever I am doing and rush to get it out, work it through, make it real. If I don’t, it will be lost. Of course if I am in the middle of cooking dinner, I can’t stop and compose music. Sometimes I lose ideas. It’s okay. The best part about ideas is that there are always more! But there aren’t always more games with your children, or spontaneous adventures with friends. Sometimes you miss something, and that’s it; you missed it.

So anyway, now I have to write something else, because I don’t feel like talking about how great my kids are. They are great,and you already know this, I just don’t feel like writing about it right now. The moment passed. And I missed it. Hopefully I will get the mojo back this weekend and I will be able to tell the story next week for you. Or maybe I will have another, better story to tell. Or at least a different one. That’s the thing about parenting; there is always a next story, good or bad. Just make sure when your inspiration hits, you give yourself the time to accept it and turn it into whatever it wants to be.

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