I Was Promised a Taco Truck

As you all may remember from my year-long romp through the mobile restaurants of New York City, I am a big fan of food trucks. There is nothing quite like the delicious joy of walking around a corner to find a surprise eatery sitting there providing lunch at moderately high prices. It is so worth […]

Mastering Edwardian Speech

When one lives with an Edward, one is immersed in all things Edwardian. You live in an Edwardian house, noted for their train track covered floors and high pitched shrieking; you eat Edwardian food, mainly hot dogs; and you are well versed in Edwardian fashion, which is to say, constant nudity. But one cannot live […]

Stomach Small, Belly Large

When I was younger, and not that much younger, I could eat pretty much anything I wanted. Now, I don’t mean that in a “could eat many calories and not get fat,” or “could eat spicy things without heartburn” kind of way. No, I just mean that it all just…fit. Sure, I would sometimes get indigestion, […]