Cut It Out, Those Words Don’t Rhyme Anymore

One of the most important ways that cunning linguists and budding etymologists interested in orthoepy can determine the way in which words used to be pronounced, is through the use of what words used to rhyme. It’s true. You can look at old hymns and songs and poems and look at words that were obviously […]

How Donald Trump Tried to Ruin My Choir Rehearsal

It was tough last night, but I defeated Donald Trump. I apologize for even writing this, because he certainly doesn’t need any more attention or articles written about him, but the story must be told. I will keep it brief and then you can devote your time to reading about people who ought to be read […]

A Musician’s Worst Nightmare

Have you seen those videos online, where some sneaky orchestra decides to play a prank on one of their soloists or conductors by playing the wrong piece, and then the subject of the prank is so awesome that they just play the wrong piece instead too? That is pretty amazing. But where are the videos […]

The First Rule of Sin Club

Well, I got a preach a sermon at church this Sunday, as I do every October. We do a movie series every October, and this year we are hearing about “Doubt,” “Serenity,” and “Maleficent.” I was speaking on the movie “Fight Club,” and for those interested, here is the text I prepared (though not exactly […]

Photo Credit: Alexander Souvorov

Infamous Gigs – Revenge Singing Gone Wrong

I wasn’t sure if this was a package deal or not, but I had auditioned for this conductor in New York and I had been hired to both sing in a new opera, as well as for a special one-time only, one song concert of revenge, and so I agreed to do these things. Contracts […]

The Dream, and Where it Came From

I was living in a very large, very old, quirky sort of a country house out in the middle of nowhere. I am currently reading “The Indian in the Cupboard” series to my daughter, and we just started book 4 last night, in which they move out to the country, and the house I imagined […]

The Bible Is Not Against Gay Marriage, and Here’s Proof

Hi everyone! I’ve apparently decided that I no longer want anyone to like me, so here come all of my thoughts and opinions, as a Christian, on why I changed my Facebook profile picture to a rainbow the other day. I’m sure to anger non-Christians, who don’t believe that a millennia-old book should be dictating […]

Your One-Stop Shop For Weird Christian Parody Videos

Well, I made it through another week of teaching music at Vacation Bible School. And as you may recall, last year during that week I managed to get the youth volunteers to help film a music video for the song I wrote about Elijah and the prophets of Baal. This hugely successful project created an […]

1 vs. 400

About a year and a half ago we had a request at church to do a service on the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. This was excellent, because we creative types who have to keep providing original content day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, well we love suggestions. […]

Uptown Funk – Easter Edition

It all started back in February, probably near Ash Wednesday sometime, when Lent and Easter were on my mind. I was driving in the car when Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” came on the radio. Bruno Mars started singing “Uptown funk you up,” and yet all that was going through my head was “Christ is risen […]