A Quick Chat With the Beer Delivery Guy

The blue bin was full, so once again it was time to head to the redemption center to exchange our empty Coke containers for cash.  We used to go to the grocery store for this, because Edward loved the machines they have there, but those things take forever.  The guy at the redemption center can do all of our recycling in about 8 seconds flat.  It’s not quite as entertaining to a three year old as a giant machine that smashes and crushes violently, but we can’t do everything he wants all the time.

When we arrived at the sticky door that led to the return we discovered that we had come at just the wrong time.  Or perhaps the right time, depending on which one of us you asked.  A big truck was pulling up to the door (big truck!  yay!) to collect all of the previously returned containers, so we had a bit of a wait.  They threw out a long metal ramp with rollers on it, sliding boxes and boxes of bottles from the building into the truck (sliding boxes on a sky ramp!  yay!).  We were sitting outside of our car watching this fascinating process when, in an exciting development, another truck (another truck!  yay!) pulled up behind our car.

The truck backed up until it was quite close to us, and a man came out to open the back of the truck.

“Hey!  Is that you truck?!”  Edward shouted at the man.

“Yeah, that’s my truck,” the man smiled at my son.

“You da driver?!”

“Yup, I’m the driver.”

Edward though about this for a moment as the man began to unload boxes onto an upright dolly.  “What you doing?!” he called out.

“I’m delivering beer,” he answered, clearly amused.

“You delivering beer?” Edward asked.

“Yeah, I’m delivering beer.”

“You wanna put it right in our trunk?” Edward asked, patting the trunk of our car with his hand.

That was all it took.  The delivery guy literally fell over laughing.  Luckily he fell back into his truck and not out of it onto the ground.  When he composed himself he said “I usually get that question from the dads, not the kids!”

So we may have had to wait twenty minutes to return our cans and bottles, but at least my son is entertaining.

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