Only Kitten Pictures From Now On

We have a new family member. His name is Tiger Scratchy. Ruby named him Tiger, because he is orange, and Edward named him scratchy, because he scratched Edward. He is 10 weeks old and he lives with us now. This is excellent news because, as you know, with access to a kitten I can now […]

Children and Hospitals; Dogs and Vets – Using The Same Tricks

The trick to getting dogs and children into the car for their medical appointments is to not let them know where you are going. This method is surprisingly effective for both groups of small creatures, although you will have to vary your deceit from time to time to prevent them from figuring out your devious […]

Blog With a Dog

Okay, I have a little bit of time to write something today. The kids are both at school; the school has not called. All is well. I have to go teach soon, but for now, I can sit here and… BARK! Well what do you want? BARK! You want to go out? Ugh. Fine. I […]

A Talk of a Rock on a Walk

We dropped the car off to be inspected this morning, Edward and I, which meant that we had to walk home. It’s not too far, and we brought the dog with us to make it more of an adventure. Also, Edward walks a lot faster when the dog is pulling him and I have a […]

The Worst Vacation Ever, by Anna the Dog

Awoooooooo! Oooohhhhhh, I am so saaaaaaaad! I do not want to eat any treats or play with any toys. Life is terrible! If you know me, you know how much I love treats and toys, so this is a big deal. I just got back from the worst vacation ever. And it all started out […]

What She Saw in the Rocks

Edward is at camp this week, which means that Ruby and I get to spend our days hanging out and having fun adventures. It’s a great thing to get some one-on-one time with her, since that is so rare these days. Edward and I get a lot of time together, but there don’t seem to […]

A 5-Year-Old’s Lullaby to a Dog

He came blasting into my room at 5:?? this morning, leaping, bounding, twisting, and shouting, excited that Mommy would be coming home from school today. I can forgive this. I am excited too. I would be perfectly content to just lazily cuddle him in the bed for the next several hours until the rest of […]

Birthday Cake For a Dog

Anna turned 1 on Friday, and the kids demanded that we throw her a birthday party. She needed presents, and bacon for breakfast, and to wear the birthday hat, and to eat cake. As a member of the family, she was entitled to all of the birthday accoutrements that one would normally reserve for humans. […]