A 5-Year-Old’s Lullaby to a Dog

He came blasting into my room at 5:?? this morning, leaping, bounding, twisting, and shouting, excited that Mommy would be coming home from school today. I can forgive this. I am excited too. I would be perfectly content to just lazily cuddle him in the bed for the next several hours until the rest of the world started to wake up, except for the fact that one of his flying leaps was directly onto the dog, hidden quietly under the covers and curled up next to my feet. Not good.

There is one rule for waking things up around here, and that is when the dog wakes up, the dog needs to go out. And when the dog goes out, the adult gets up and does not get any more sleep. And one of the adults is in a dorm room in New Hampshire, leaving only one person to get out of bed at 5:?? in the morning, never to rest again. Not ideal. So I causally mentioned that he had better not have woken up the dog, or else SCORCHED EARTH!

To his credit, Edward has been much better lately about feeling sorry about his destructive tendencies. I feel that this is an important step on the path to actually thinking ahead of time about maybe not being a destruct-o-bot, so I am excited about the future. But for now, he feels bad that he has woken the dog up, and he wants her to go back to sleep. When he needs to go to sleep, he gets a lullaby. It only made sense that he would sing a lullaby to the dog. I wish I had recorded it, but I was under the covers, not near my phone. I remember it, though. I cannot sing it for you in this post, obviously, and the tune was quiet and variable, but I can at least give you the lyrics that he made up, in his very sweet attempt to lull the puppy back to dreamland.


Go to sleep.
Little dog.
Everything will be okay.
I have chased all the bad guys away.
Because Batman was not available.
So I saved you.
You are a dog.
Batman’s dog.
Your name is Mosquito Burrito.
But your real name is Anna.
But you are a super dog.
Mosquito Burrito.
Now you have to go to sleep.

And with that last, shouted line, we are all up and taking the dog out.

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