Only Kitten Pictures From Now On

We have a new family member. His name is Tiger Scratchy. Ruby named him Tiger, because he is orange, and Edward named him scratchy, because he scratched Edward. He is 10 weeks old and he lives with us now. This is excellent news because, as you know, with access to a kitten I can now completely rule the internet. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaa!

Look, I tried to talk about guns because everyone else was talking about guns, and all it did was to attract a bunch of twitter trolls who spent yesterday calling me names that I would never publish in a family blog such as this one. And I can only talk about how fat and sad I am for so long before you get sick of me (lost another half a pound today!). No, there is no choice really. From now on, this blog will only be pictures of kittens.


This will be easy to do, because kittens are always doing such cute things. For instance we brought Tiger home and put him in the bathroom, only to lose him a few moments later. I thought he had climbed into the wall where the dryer vented out, because I could hear some distant mewing from that area, but it turned out he had climbed into some of the ductwork itself, and it was quite a task to get him out of there.

Kitten in a dryer duct

He was pretty cute, squished in there like that, but it seemed better to get him out, so that he could pose for other cute photos.

Kitten peeking out

Look at him right here! Look at his little paw! He’s got his little paw next to his little face! Ahhhhhh! Cuteness overload!

Kitten with paw

And then, to make things even cuter, we got him a cat condo!

kitten condo

There is literally no one on earth who is not excited about this new direction for Tenor Dad! All kittens, all the time! Hooray! WOOK AT DAT WITTLE FACE!

kitten face

I’m so excited! This will be much easier and faster than writing things! What do you think Anna?

sad puppy

Uh oh. I have been informed by our sadness and jealousy department that I will no longer be able to post only pictures of cute kittens. I guess we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Probably something about kids or music. See you then.




















crouching kitten

biting kitten

Bonus kittens

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