The Benefits of Not Having a Wife

We’re home. My wife is finished with grad school (at least the being away from home part of it), and we are all reunited for the foreseeable future. It has been a long several weeks, and I have tried to stay positive as always, even without the love of my life around. In case you, […]

The Only Dad

So here’s a question I was asking my wife the other day: Is it weirder that I am often the only Dad at things, or is it weirder that I don’t think it’s weird? Because on the one hand, I am consistently seeing more Dads involved in things like pick-up or drop-off of kids, or in […]

The Top 10 Numbers Between 1 and 10

Hey people! It’s Friday! That means you want to read something fun and easy before your weekend. Something like a list! But lists are so overdone, aren’t they? So many numbered items… But why do we never rank the numbers themselves?! I will fix that right now. Here are the top 10 integers between one and […]

Why I Opted Out of Google’s Targeted Advertising

I thought it had gone away.  It had been quite some time since I had last seen mini banner ads masquerading as e-mails at the top of my gmail inbox.  But Ho Ho Ho, happy holidays and merry sales figures, the advertisements are back.  Now, I do not like advertisements, but I do like free […]

What If My Kids Want to Be Musicians?!

So here’s a funny thought.  I am a musician by trade, and my children are way too young to know what they want to be yet.  They think they know, but I don’t believe “Iron Man” is an actual job.  At least not yet.  But someday they will have to make career choices, and there […]

I Had Such Plans…

I have almost completed week four of single parenting, and let me tell you, it was not what I was expecting.  This is due to the fact that I am a clueless idiot.  Or at least I was.  Now I have a clue.  In fact, I’ve been accumulating clues for a month now.  Single parenting […]

Watchers and Doers, Sitters and Singers

In any arts organization that provides some sort of live production (and probably those that don’t), there is a constant struggle to fill the seats with more butts.  For financial reasons, ticket sales are important.  For spiritual reasons, audience cultivation gives one a sense of purpose and the hope that perhaps one is not wasting […]


Nerdstock.  That’s what we voted to call our weekend.  It beat out other suggested titles such as “Nerdvana,” “Nerdfest,” and “The Conclave of Nerds,” as well as many other titles not suitable for printing in a family publication such as this one.  Like deer camp without hunting, like the Olympics without any sort of athletic […]

Tenor Dad’s Sure-Fire Vacation Tips

As a seasoned traveler with young children, and once in a while without them, I have come to learn a great number of things that I think might be of use to the rest of the world.  And since I am so generous and giving, I have decided to share them with you now.  You’re […]

Who You May and May Not Marry

Last week I had to tell my daughter that she was not legally allowed to marry the person of her choice, the person that she loved more than anyone else, because society would not permit it.  You see, my 5-year-old daughter Ruby wanted to marry her 2-year-old brother Edward.  Not now, obviously.  She was quite […]