The Bloodbottler

Last week I promised to tell you a cute story about Edward on a day when I wasn’t so flustered and distraught. Well, here we are and I get to tell you that story, and then tell it again. Actually, I might tell it three times. Because even though this is a cute story about […]

What I Said to the Woman Who Scolded My Son at the Hospital

We had been there in the basement of the hospital for hours. It was supposed to be a routine blood draw, which we have had done dozens of times before, but for some reason the orders were not in the system this time. In fact, despite the fact that we had been in for a […]

What We Talked About Yesterday At Boston Children’s Hospital

First off, thank you all for caring so much about our little family. Thank you for the messages, thoughts, ideas, prayers, and support. As you know if you are a regular reader of this page, we had a very rough fall. One of the most oft-suggested piece of advice during our time of trial was […]

The Future Just Ain’t What it Used to Be

Be Careful What You Blog About… I typed into Facebook on Saturday as I sat in the urgent care clinic waiting for my son to have his head stapled back together. The last post I had written espoused a theory that you should not tell your children about the fun things you had planned ahead […]

A Short Note From the Pediatric Ward

Though I am not writing about health issues anymore for privacy’s sake, I would feel remiss if I did not give at least a brief update to you all at this point, you who have been so supportive in this frustrating journey of ours. We are on day three of our stay here in the […]

My Robot Just Killed Your Painting. Now It’s Dead.

Today was very nearly the first weekday that I did not post something, ever, since the beginning of Tenor Dad. Though I have pledged not to write about my son’s health in these pages anymore, at his request, to understand today’s story you must at least understand that we were in the hospital. From the […]

The Last Post I Will Ever Write About My Son’s Health

This was a bad one.  We were at Dick’s Sporting Goods looking for a backpack for my wife, who was leaving for grad school the next day.  Everything was fine, and my son said “Let’s go look at bikes!” in an excited voice, and less than three seconds later he was on his face on […]

Is It Good or Bad When the ER Staff Remembers Your Name?

Last night, because there is something wrong with my brain, I sat down to play a level of Candy Crush at 10:30, and five minutes later it was 1:45 AM.  I trudged up to bed, knowing that I was going to be tired in the morning, and this was confirmed a short time later when […]