The Only Important Difference Between Wonder Woman and Captain America

Well, we are out of the hospital now and, while we are not settled and out of the woods just yet, at least we are home. But while Edward was stuck there last week he got a visit from a couple of superheroes. I was out teaching a voice lesson, but local friend and lesser-known superhero Rumple Station was there and she told me what had happened.

“We were visited by two superheroes,” she told me. “Batman and, ummmm, I think Captain America?”

“NO!” said Edward calmly. “WONDER WOMAN!”

“Oh, okay, Wonder Woman,” Rumple conceded. “They were both played by female college students, so it was hard to tell.”

I told Ruby this amusing story later that day, and she was in shock that Rumple could not tell the difference between these two vastly different heroes. I hadn’t mentioned the part where these male heroes were played by females.

“Are you kidding me?!” Ruby asked. “How could anyone mix those two up?! I mean, there’s a pretty big difference that I don’t think anybody is going to miss there!”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Pretty hard to not notice a fairly obvious difference between Captain America and Wonder Woman.”

“I KNOW! I mean, come on! Captain America is MARVEL, and Wonder Woman is DC! Seriously!”

And there you have it. The only reason why you should not confuse these two characters. Sometimes it’s kind of fun living in a gender-equal world.

Image Credit: TommyTejeda

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