A Short Note From the Pediatric Ward

Though I am not writing about health issues anymore for privacy’s sake, I would feel remiss if I did not give at least a brief update to you all at this point, you who have been so supportive in this frustrating journey of ours. We are on day three of our stay here in the hospital, after things went from bad to worse. We hope to go home tomorrow, but we have hoped that everyday. We’ll see.

Edward is fine. Or at least as fine as one can be tethered to a motorized bed. We are making more medication switches and looking at other non-medicinal options. We do hope to get things under control, but there is no certainty at this point. Epilepsy is a tricky thing. All we have is hope and faith, and a wonderful support network that has been keeping us entertained, fed, and loved.

If we were supposed to do something for you recently, or return an e-mail, or do anything else that needed to be done, I apologize. We hope that things calm down very shortly and we are able to fulfill our other obligations. Thank goodness I had some pre-written posts for this week, or you wouldn’t have heard anything from me!

Anyway, I’m off to go eat some more hospital food and play with my son. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. And if I write something tomorrow that makes it seem like nothing is going on, it was probably pre-planned. 🙂

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