5 Things My Wife Thinks I Should Blog About

I’m home with the boy today, due to health issues that continue to plague us, and I am feeling kind of sad. I have an opera to memorize by tonight, which I was supposed to be hardcore cramming today, but instead I am watching Word Girl and eating Marshmallow Crispy Oreos. I have no ideas […]

More Opera Limericks

Gianni SchicchiThere once was a wealthy old dudeWhose demise got his family unglued.Not because he was dead,No, they all mourned insteadFor his assets.  Now, isn’t that rude? RigolettoThere once was a lecherous heel,A Duke, who made all the girls squeal.But it was the last straw When he bedded Gilda,So her dad hired Sparafucil. Madama ButterflyThere […]

Opera Limericks

l’Elisir d’amoreThere was once this kid, Nemorino,Who seemed sweet, but, hey, what do we know?He fell for Adina,And, in love’s arena,He solved all his problems with vino. ToscaA singer of beauty and powerWas fine yesterday at this hour,But then she stabbed a copAnd her boyfriend got shot,So she flung herself off of a tower. FaustThere […]

Opera Limericks

TOSCACavaradossi did sendFor Tosca, his, ummm, “special friend.”But Scarpia came,And his loins were aflame,So everyone died in the end. DIE ZAUBERFLOTE There once was a prince named TaminoWho was tricked by a high-singing queen-o.But Sarastro was wise,Helped him see through her liesBy the end of the first act, third scene-o. RIGOLETTO The Duke was a […]