Life Without a Phone

On Friday I went into the ocean to test the waters, fully clothed and only up to my knees, when an errant wave attacked me from behind, soaking me completely and getting salt water into my phone.  Although it was not fully submerged, my phone started vibrating erratically, and then turned off.  Forever. I drove […]

Destruction World Tour

You may recall that I recently wrote about a problem I was having with small children changing all of the settings on my television and computer.  I am now happy to report that I am not alone in this problem, and in fact a great many people are now having problems with my children changing […]

The Neighbors Left With Our Internet

Blogging in my phone is really annoying. It is hard to see, hard to push the right buttons, and autocorrect is always changing stuff without telling me. And yet, phone blog I must, because the neighbors left with the Internet. When I left for Florida a month ago, we had three neighbors living blow us […]