The Neighbors Left With Our Internet

Blogging in my phone is really annoying. It is hard to see, hard to push the right buttons, and autocorrect is always changing stuff without telling me. And yet, phone blog I must, because the neighbors left with the Internet.

When I left for Florida a month ago, we had three neighbors living blow us (stupid autocorrect) living below us and we paid them half of the Internet fee every month. When I got back, they were gone. Moved out. And they didn’t even have the common courtesy to leave the wireless router set up in the middle if the bare floor of their now empty apartment. Some people, right?

So now I am blogging on my iPhone, which, by the way, fell out of a hole in my pocket two weeks ago and shattered on the sidewalk. It still works, it just looks like I am typing through a spiderweb. Very annoying. It would be a lot easier to deal with if I had some Internet.

I relize that this blog post is a) not interesting, and b) just me complaining about stuff, but blogging on my phone sucks, so you’re lucky to get any blog at all. Tomorrow I’m moving to Dtarbucks. I hope Baby Edward likes coffee.

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