A Day in the Ancient Past – A People Without Technology

Modern life is easy to take for granted. We become accustomed to things so quickly, and things change so fast, that it is sometimes hard to remember what life used to be like for people back in olden times. This past weekend I had the opportunity to experience life as it used to be as […]

The Legend of Beepela

Back when I was in high school, before cell phones and the internet, I spent my days as countless children have done throughout the ages; I went over to my friend’s house and played video games. One day I happened to be over at Sleeve McZed’s place, when the phone rang. Now, cell phones had […]

A Brief History of Selfies

This is, as far as I can discern, the first digital selfie that my wife and I ever took together.  And yes, spell check, selfie is a real word now, so you can stop underlining it in red.  Thanks.  Now, back in the olden times, taking selfies was a lot harder than it is today. […]

Edward Makes a Phone Call

After our late and exciting evening at the hot air balloon festival, we decided to sleep in, relaxing and lounging in our moderately fabulous hotel room that included doors between my bed and the children’s bed.  We made it to breakfast exactly before it ended, we did nothing all glorious morning, and then we went […]

How to Keep Yourself From Texting While Driving

I know it’s hard.  Those red lights are so long, and you really need to tell that person something.  And isn’t that why you got a smartphone anyway?  So you could communicate on the go?  And don’t you want to see if anyone liked your status update?  And you’re not really doing anything, right?  You’re just […]

The Impact of Smart Phones on Bananas

Last year I read an article that said that kids these days don’t know that when you point to your wrist it means you want to know what time it is.  Supposedly this is due to the fact that they no longer wear watches; they check the time on their phones.  This is very annoying, […]

The Best iPhone Apps for Kids

The iPhone is, to modern day parents, what I’m sure the pacifier was to parents of the early 1900’s.  A life saving (or at least sanity saving) device that will keep your children quiet on long car (or horse & carriage) trips, as well as a welcome distraction for those times when you need them […]

An Open Letter to the Woman Whose Phone Number I Stole

Dear Annoyed Old Woman, I am very, very sorry that I stole your phone number.  It really wasn’t my fault.  I suppose it was a computer error that caused my friends, family, and the pizza place that I work at to call your phone approximately twenty times last Friday afternoon, but I know that this […]

Don’t Buy a Phone From Josh

I am writing to warn all of my loyal readers about a sneaky and slimy salesman at the AT&T store on Dorset Street in South Burlington, VT.  His name is Josh, and he is a giant (unprintable in a family blog).  If you get the chance you should buy a phone from Stephen, the best, […]