Yesterday I Had No Cokes; My Latest Mental Disorder

You know about the ADHD. You know about the OCD. Now, as it turns out, I have a new mental disorder: Caffeine Withdrawal. Yeah, apparently it is now classified as a mental disorder. So I have that going for me. You know about the Coke. As much as I love Coca-Cola, I have begun to […]

No, You Don’t Get to Go Outside and Play if You Are “Sick”

“Daddy, I’m going outside to play.” “I thought you were sick.” “I’m not sick!” “Ok, then I’m taking you to school.” “NO!” “Then you need to stay inside.” “But I’m not sick!” “Then you need to go to school.” “NO!” He was sick yesterday, and two nights ago he even had a fever, but he seemed pretty […]

Put Your Damn Coat On!

When I was in college, I was notorious for walking around in the winter time wearing shorts, sandals, and a t-shirt.  Hey, I was from Vermont!  40 wasn’t cold!  Come on, wimps!  It drove my voice teacher crazy, and he gave me some good advice/knowledge that completely changed my mind on coat-wearing, even if I […]

Sick, With Envy

I need to fix my life somehow.  I know this because there must be something seriously wrong with it when I start being jealous of sick people.  My wife woke up this morning with something horrible.  Food poisoning?  Stomach Flu?  Unclear.  So I got myself going a little early in order to get two kids […]

The Pros and Cons of a Stomach Flu

Dear readers, I have a terrible stomach flu. I will not bore you or gross you out with a lot of the details of such, but as I sit here, or lie here, and try to put a positive spin on things, I decided to make a list of pros and cons.  You know, to […]

Irony at the Walgreen’s Pharmacy

After being assured on Monday that Ruby’s strep test was negative, and that strep did not include a cough or any upper respiratory stuff, we sent her to school yesterday, only to receive a call from the pediatrician an hour later confirming her positive overnight strep test.  Lovely.  Just what my day was missing.  So […]

One Sick, One Not

Perhaps one of the more difficult parenting tasks I have undertaken is the care of one sick child when the other one is feeling fine.  You parents with only one child do not have to deal with this, which is why you are big jerks.  Nevertheless, I will try to explain to you what you […]

Sick on a Sunny Day

There are few things in life that can compete in the suck department with being sick on a sunny day.  And not just a sunny day, but a warm and beautiful sunny day.  The kind of day when you ought to be outside wearing shorts and eating creemees.  But instead you are inside coughing and […]