Sick on a Sunny Day

There are few things in life that can compete in the suck department with being sick on a sunny day.  And not just a sunny day, but a warm and beautiful sunny day.  The kind of day when you ought to be outside wearing shorts and eating creemees.  But instead you are inside coughing and shaking and feeling miserable.

I will grant you that it is no fun to be sick on any day, but how much nicer is it when the weather matches your mood?  On a cold, grey, rainy day, the only thing you really want to be doing is staying in bed, curled up under the covers, drinking hot things, and watching trash on television.  How perfect then, that being sick lets you do exactly what you wanted to do anyway!

And when it is cold out, it makes sense to be sick.  There is a reason they are called “colds.”  When it is dreary out, it feels only natural to be physically dreary as well.  But when you wake up with a throat raw from hacking and so stuffed up that it feels like your sinuses are trying to squeeze your brain out through your ears, there is nothing worse than throwing back the curtains to reveal a summery paradise.  It just feels wrong.  The sun is too bright for you, the breeze too warm.  The fricking birds are singing a little too loud for your throbbing head and all around you are the signs that the rest of the world will be enjoying themselves today while you mope and moan in misery.

Misery loves company, and I say that meteorologically as well as emotionally.  If you are planning to be sick, you are going to want to know that everyone else is just a little cloudy that day too.  In my planning, I had assumed that March in Vermont was a safe bet for some cold, grey, rainy days.  The perfect time to be sick!  Instead, we have sunny, 80 degree days and I am laying here cursing my fate.  In the next few days it’s supposed to rain and drop back down into the thirties, but with my luck, I’ll probably feel better by then.

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  1. hahaha the perfect read for me today. I was just sitting her moaning about how wrong it is to be this sick on a beautiful summer day. Hope you arer better now, Summer sick sucks, say that six times. lol

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