The Grammatically Correct Medley

Having gotten such a positive response to my previous grammar video, “When to Use Lie, Lay, Laid, and Lain,” I have been thinking about other possible videos that might help people understand grammar better.  The problem is, it is hard to think of a new song to improve grammar, when there are so many songs […]

Classic(al) Jokes

Some jokes are just classic.  Classic meaning old, and everyone has heard them.  But sometimes, maybe you just need to hear them in a different way to appreciate them again. Some pieces of music are just classic.  Classic meaning that everyone recognizes them, even if they don’t know what they are exactly.  They are the […]

A Toddler’s New Year in the Garden of Earthly Delights

New Year’s Eve is kind of a grown up holiday.  You stay up really late, generally people are drinking and/or kissing, and the whole thing deals with the marking of time, which kids have very little concept of anyway.  This is why having kids totally messes up New Year’s.  Kids make Christmas better, and even […]

Christmas Hangover

Man, that was a lot of Christmas!  There is only so much joy and frivolity that one can take, and I am wiped out!  The 26th should be a national holiday as well: a day of recovery.  See, New Year’s Day is nice, because everyone does their celebrating the night before, and then you get […]

When to Use Lie, Lay, Laid, and Lain

Last year, when I released my educational holiday parody video “A Peninsula, Island, or an Isthmus?” it was, I have to say, a huge success.  The only problem being that I was under a lot of pressure when it came to the sequel.  The studio wanted something by Christmas, and the focus groups were brutal […]

Ruby The Christmas Sheep

Ruby was very excited to be in the Christmas pageant at church on Sunday afternoon.  Since she is in kindergarten her role was a small one, but she took it very seriously.  The younger kids were to play animals at the manger scene, and sing the first verse of “Away in a Manger” all by […]

Three 8 Second Videos That Prove I Live With a Crazy Person

People.  You do not understand what it is like.  It is crazy over here.  I spend all day, every day, with a crazy person.  You can not explain anything to this person, nor can you ever get this person to do what you want, because this person is two years old.  And crazy. I know, […]

Why I Take So Long in the Shower

I take long showers.  I know this to be true because it has been told to me repeatedly over the years, first by my mother, and now by my wife.  And even sometimes my daughter.  So I guess it must be true.  But I don’t feel like I am taking long showers.  I get in, […]

Converting a Bike Into a Balance Bike

After Ruby’s crash and subsequent new bicycle, we didn’t know what to do with her old bike.  Since it was just sitting there not helping anyone, and it had no brakes, I decided to convert it into a balance bike.  For those of you who don’t know, a balance bike is basically a regular bike, […]

Tenor Dad Goes Bowling

Kids love bowling.  This is a true fact, and even though my kids had never been bowling before, I knew that they would love it.  Because they are kids.  And kids love bowling. They have played Wii bowling before, and they loved that.  They also have played home bowling using a rubber ball and some […]