I Traded My Children For Puppies

I was not aware that I had traded my children for dogs, but I woke up one morning and it had just happened.  Two young dogs came scampering down the stairs, barking and trying to lick me.  I explained that this was very gross and they had better not do that anymore.  “Woof,” they said. […]

6 Seconds and a Movie

I have a new obsession.  Perhaps you have heard of it.  It is called Vine.  And I love it.  Vine is like the YouTube of Twitter.  It is run by Twitter, actually, and it is a video sharing app that lets you record and share videos that are up to 6 seconds long.  That’s it.  […]

Our Favorite Pirate Songs

Ahoy me hearties!  ‘Tis that time of year once again when ’tis a good and noble thing to celebrate all things piratical!  Ye heard me right, ye scurvy bilge rats, ’tis Talk Like A Pirate Day!  And teh celebrate this most joyous o’ days, fer aboard this ship we loves pirates most fiercely, I have […]

All We Do Is Watch This Video Now

Sorry, other things we were supposed to be doing.  Goodbye, playing outside.  So long, reading, coloring, and toys.  Forget about it, television and video games.  Dinner?  I don’t think so.  Friends?  Family?  Things of the past.  We just don’t have time for that anymore.  We have discovered the fox video. It has taken a very […]

Jesus Went Viral

As some of you may know, in addition to my regularly scheduled duties as minister of music at my church, this past Sunday I was also in charge of the message.  Supposedly we are going to start live streaming and/or podcasting these things, but since that has not happened, and many people have asked for […]

The International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

When last we spoke, I told you of the woes I encountered on the way to an attempted family adventure.  We got lost.  We sat in traffic for hours.  We had no money and none of our cards worked.  The wind and rain were on the verge of cancelling the whole thing anyway.  It was […]

How to Shop With Your Kids

Look, let’s be honest here.  Shopping with kids can be, to put it mildly, a trying experience.  Aside from the fact that they want to buy everything in every store, they also want to push the cart, and ride in the cart, and ride on the cart, and run around like maniacs.  And you can’t […]

Things I Have Learned About Monsters

As if I needed any more problems with getting my son to sleep, now he is scared of monsters.  Now, as far as I knew, the only monsters that Edward was aware of are the kind that eat cookies and/or hug people a lot, but apparently there is a lot that he knows, and I […]

Falling the Wrong Way

My son needs stage combat lessons.  Or physics lessons.  Or maybe both of those lessons and more.  But however we solve it, the problem is that Edward does not know which way to fall down.  One of his most recent favorite games is Pillow Fight.  We play this by throwing pillows at each other in […]

How To Learn Music So You Never Make a Mistake

Live performances are crazy events.  So many things can go wrong.  Distractions, mistakes, wrong notes from your fellow musicians, there is no limit to the number of things that can possibly conspire to throw you off your game.  But what to do?  How can you possibly be prepared for absolutely anything that might be thrown […]