“Hello” by Batman, ft. Superman

I am on vacation attending my best friend’s wedding (the actual event, not the movie). In the meantime, please watch this weird video I made for no reason. Thank you. -Tenor Dad   Please follow and like us:

A Musician’s Worst Nightmare

Have you seen those videos online, where some sneaky orchestra decides to play a prank on one of their soloists or conductors by playing the wrong piece, and then the subject of the prank is so awesome that they just play the wrong piece instead too? That is pretty amazing. But where are the videos […]

The 2015 Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt (CESH), and What Came After

Every year, my wife’s family spends Christmas Eve together, eating cookies, drinking tea and hot chocolate, opening gifts, singing carols, and running around the downtown area publicly humiliating themselves. So basically just your normal holiday traditions. We rotate the responsibilities of designing and constructing the epic photo/video scavenger hunt each year, and this time it […]


There is a difference between people who use their grammar well, and those who use it poorly, even though they’re well-educated. The people who use grammar well are the people who have watched the following educational, holiday parody video. The people who use poor grammar most likely have not seen it. So do them all […]

When the Girl’s Away, the Bears Will Play

Hello interneters! It is I, Tenor Bear! I am hear because you are all invited to my bear party! (Also because Ruby’s dad is doing something else and not paying attention too his blog) Ruby is at camp allllllll day, and Edward is at camp even more alllllll day, so that means I get too do […]

Cheeseburger (A Tribute)

I love cheeseburgers. I mean, we’re more than just friends. I like-like them. I could eat cheeseburgers pretty much every day, except for the dying young part. This is why is saddens me to report that one of my favorite burger spots, Archie’s, is closing forever after today. The owner has had some health issues, […]

Your One-Stop Shop For Weird Christian Parody Videos

Well, I made it through another week of teaching music at Vacation Bible School. And as you may recall, last year during that week I managed to get the youth volunteers to help film a music video for the song I wrote about Elijah and the prophets of Baal. This hugely successful project created an […]

1 vs. 400

About a year and a half ago we had a request at church to do a service on the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. This was excellent, because we creative types who have to keep providing original content day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, well we love suggestions. […]

The Opera Alphabet (Which I Will Now Rap For You)

As you know, my wife is out of town. So I did this today. Happy Friday! Aida’s assaulted and attacked and angers Amneris Also Andrea Chenier agitates all Paris But Billy Budd’s bod by Benjamin Britten Is Bangin’ and Boomin’. Opera bug has bitten. Callas can clearly communicate Carmen And Cecilia’s Cosi is iconically charming […]