The Wonderful Thing About Mondays

I wrote last week that I could not remember what all of my notes meant, so I could not write posts about any of my old ideas.  One of those ideas was “The Wonderful Thing About Mondays.”  Today, as it turns out, is Monday.  I tried to think of something wonderful about it.  Then I […]

Edward Learns to Drive

If you ever want to get Edward a present, just make sure it has wheels on it.  Planes, trains, cars, motorcycles, fire trucks, bulldozers, and bicycles are all fair game.  And if you want to sweeten the pot, you could make sure the thing actually moves on its own.  Pull it backward and let it […]

How ADHD Can Affect a Singing Career

My regular readers, along with anyone who has ever met me for more than three seconds, is aware that I am somewhat afflicted with ADHD, and that it often wreaks havoc on my personal life, in terms of general distractability, forgetfulness, and bouncing hypersplosions.  But what many of you may not realize is the toll […]


This past weekend the youth at my church did something they call The 30-Hour Fast.  It’s an annual event where, as the name implies, nobody gets to eat for thirty hours.  From 1 pm on Friday to 7 pm on Saturday the kids, and their adult chaperones, eat nothing but the occasional broth or juice, […]

Was “Let it Go” Originally a Beatles Song?

If you have clicked on this link thinking that there is a chance that the Oscar-winning hit “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen was actually written by The Beatles, then I have no choice but to tell you that you are correct.  How could I do otherwise?  In fact, after careful research through my imagination, […]

It Runs in the Family

Though I admit the sound was not very good (turn your speakers way up!), you have already heard my daughter sing a little when I posted her version of “Frozen Heart.”  I love hearing her sing, and taking after her old Dad (not to discount the good musicianship and musical influences of Tenor Mom!).  But […]

A Quick Slide Down Icy Steps

It was agreed upon by all that if the mothers had been there, this never would have happened.  But the mothers were not there.  The mothers had stayed inside with the younger brothers while the fathers took the older sisters sledding.  Yes, it was several degrees below sanity out, and yes we were the only […]

A Phone Call to Santa

I know that writing letters to Santa is the tradition, but in this day and age, why can’t we call him instead? Probably because it would turn out something like this.  Merry Christmas everyone! Please follow and like us: