Self-Righteously Cheap Wedding Themes

My friends Rumple Station and Tart Comma are getting married. Well, okay, they’re actually already married because, in true self-righteously cheap fashion, they had a secret state wedding over a year ago and didn’t tell anyone. But now that the cat is out of the bag, they have decided to hold an actual wedding. The […]

A Tale of Three Postcards – A Pre-Wedding Adventure

It wasn’t like I didn’t have enough time. Bleric Ack had mentioned to me, oh, four months earlier that they were thinking of replacing the traditional wedding guest book with a stack of postcards. The cool idea was that each guest would bring a postcard from where they were from, or from where they had […]

Why I Would Not Attend My Child’s Same-Sex Wedding

Marriage is a funny word. It means one thing to the church, and another thing to the state. It can mean vastly different things, even to different sets of people who are themselves married. Quite literally it means joining two things together, but the debate continues to rage on as to what restrictions ought to […]

Infamous Gigs: The Billy Joel Wedding

Today I am starting a new Throwback Thursday feature called “Infamous Gigs,” in which I will attempt to tell the stories from some of my more bizarre and memorable musical jobs. Today I will tell you the tale of: “The Billy Joel Wedding.” Back when I was directing an a cappella group called Passing Notes, […]

Surprise Tenth Anniversary Vow Renewal

For our fifth anniversary, I surprised my wife by flying her to Las Vegas and staging a vow renewal ceremony at an Elvis wedding chapel.  It was our thought at that time that every five years seemed like a good opportunity to recommit to each other, and so we started thinking about our tenth anniversary. […]

To Get The Girl, You Need the Moves

I know that many of you out there are wondering, “Tenor Dad, you seem like someone that might have a hard time finding someone to marry you, what with your constant misadventures and general ridiculousness.  And yet you are married and have two children.  How did you do it?”  Well, since it is Valentine’s Day […]

Planning a Tenth Anniversary Vow Renewal

The day I got married was the best day of my life.  Hands down.  And I don’t mean that to say that my marriage is that best thing ever to happen to me (though it probably is), but rather, that day was just awesome and exciting from top to bottom.  It was basically a huge […]

Ruby Plays “Wedding”

An actual conversation I had with my four-year-old yesterday: Me: How was school today? Ruby: Good. Me: What did you do? Ruby: Oh, I played wedding. Me: (suddenly terrified) You did? Ruby: Yes. Me: And how do you play wedding? Ruby: Well, you just have a wedding silly! Me: I see.  And who did you […]

Get Me to the Church on Time

Today I bring you two stories, each of someone attempting to get to the church on time.  After you read both stories, I hope you will realize that no matter how crazy my life is, and no matter how many ridiculous situations I find myself in, I will never top my mother in the chaos […]