Deal or No Meal

Babies should not be eating Doritos.  I feel like this is just a truism that even people that do not have babies know, so I don’t know what I was thinking, giving Edward his first taste of the beast.

It’s just that lately, he’s been eating normal food, and I’ve been giving him some of whatever I’m eating, in addition to his properly sanctioned baby food, and after all those birthday parties, we had a lot of junk food lying around.  So I stupidly gave him a little piece of Dorito to go with his baby food.

Well, once he had had a taste of the cheesy demon, he was not interested in anything else, and certainly not baby food.  I tried, really I did.  I made the airplane noise.  I made the train noise.  I even made the race car noice, but no matter what I did, when that spoon full of baby food got near his mouth, he would clamp up as tight as possible and violently shake his head back and forth in a no-like fashion.

So what could I do?!  He had to eat!  I gave him another bite of Dorito.  And this time, after he had finished his chip, I slipped a bite of baby food into his mouth.  And then another, and another!  He stopped at three bites.  He suddenly realized that he was no longer eating Doritos, but rather mushed pears, and he shut his mouth again.  He did, however, clap his hands together (his signal for “more”) and gesture towards the Doritos.

This is how I, bad parent of the year, got my one-year-old to eat his lunch.  I would give him a piece of Dorito, and then he would allow me to feed him two or three bites of baby food, and we repeated this until all the baby food was gone, and he was an orangey mess.  It’s not a day I am proud of, believe me, but we made it through all right, and he hasn’t had any more chips of any kind since.  I just thank heaven that he never found the cool ranch flavor.

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